IMG_9411My name is Kelsey, I respond to that along with many other names the most popular being Kelsinator. I’d tell you how I got that nick name but thats a story for another day. Some call me Kelso and some call me Kels, either way as long as you aren’t pronouncing my name with a Ch- in front, I’m a happy camper.

My passion lies in food and fashion and I strive everyday to work with both in order to keep myself happy. I love everything that New York City holds, from the smell of Chinatown after it rains to bars like Employees Only and the steak tartare they serve. I eat, sleep, breathe hospitality and I am so fortunate to have figured out what industry I belong in so early.

Random things about me:

  • I love superhero movies
  • I hated seafood until about 4 weeks ago, my life has forever changed
  • I’ve broken both ankles 3 times….each
  • I have a ridiculous shoe obsession
  • I absolutely love the subway, I’m not kidding

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Kelsey Colleen


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