Isola: My Work, My Passion


Isola a Trattoria and Crudo Bar has been my home for the past few weeks as I am interning wit Morgans Hotel Group and it is located inside Modrian Soho. This glass ceiling covered haven hidden on Crosby Street has some of the best food I’ve ever tasted. With Chef Victor La Placa behind the menu things are bound to be fresh, creative and have a fair share of classics on the menu. Working here I’ve grown to love the early morning breakfast shift and all the items on the menu during that time.

Some of my favorites are among the following:

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

These pancakes are light, fluffly and full of bright flavors. They are covered in fresh strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and roasted pistachios. The pancakes come laid gently on top of a schemer of marscapone cheese and they are lightly drizzled with a delicious maple syrup.


Smoked Salmon

This ones pretty self explanatory, pumpernickel bagels, thinly sliced smokes salmon, house made chive cream cheese and a side of capers, tomatoes and red onion. All i have to say is…yum!


House Made Granola

I have a weak spot for granola and greek yogurt. It is simple and to the point while being extremely delicious at the same time. The granola they make in house has large chunks of grains and oats that help create a perfect texture. Then add the fresh berries on top with a local honey, perfection.



Isola is not only my place of work but a fabulous place to enjoy any meal and I highly recommend it to any long time New Yorker or a tourist wondering Soho with 10 shopping bags!


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