Cookies & Milk


It was a lonely Tuesday for me last week. All my friends were busy and i had nothing to do but wander the city. I took to west village because its full of surprises, and i stumbled upon the Mecca of Cookie Heavens. A small store along side brownstone after brownstone hides the smell of fresh baked foods. Inside you’ll find a brightly decorated window and a large counter where you can see everything that goes on in the bakery.

This establishment, Milk & Cookies is well known in the city as one of the best places to get fresh baked cookies. And the critics are on point! These cookies have a soft center and crunchy edges. They use amazing ingredients and the milk is served ice cold minus the ice. I tried the oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip….they are to die for!



All i have left to say is, GO PEOPLE! Go try these amazing cookies, if you’re feeling adventurous make your own dough while you’re there!



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