Bringing Italy Uptown

Serafina Uptown NYC

This quaint italian restaurant is so adorable! There’s a lot to say about its double level open air style. The decor is bright in a way that doesnt overwhelm your senses. The large windows that they keep open in the summer allow you to feel like you’re in a courtyard of a beautiful italian villa. Basically its everything you could want for an early dinner around sunset when its 70 degrees and breezy uptown in New York City.

Not only does the decor please the eye but so do the plates. They are gorgeously arranged and extremely well made. My friend and I started with a simple arugula salad that was fresh and simple with just tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette and large slices of parmagiano reggiano.
For our main courses she choose the Ravioli “Degli Innamorati” (spin on lobster ravioli). As you can see the ravioli is heart shaped and the light lobster bisque-esque sauce is a perfect paring and new look into lobster/pasta dishes. I choose the Tagliolini Di “Cortina” which was a beautifully made pasta with peas, mushrooms, pancetta and a touch of cream. The flavor was wonderful but not over garlicky as many italian places do. This meal was delicious and filling. I will definitely be back, and i can see it as a wonderful date restaurant! 20140619-101643-37003778.jpg




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