LA: Foodie’s Organic Paradise.

I’ve been missing for a few days because i’ve been on a little vacay before i start my crazy summer! The past week i’ve spent 24 hours on 6 different planes, drank way too many redbull vodkas in Vegas and spent time at as many speakeasies as i could find in LA. Aside from the partying and galavanting the US west coast i obviously had to find some awesome food, and the west coast has a lot yo offer. Almost anywhere you go they advertise “organic” and “locally grown” because thats a huge trend in food right now.


After eating out every meal i’ve chosen my favorites and this post belongs soley to the small café i found in a part of LA that is currently in a rebuilding stage. That café is Café PicFair, this small and very simply establishment consists of a small menu and a fabulous chef. Everything on the menu is scratch made, and organic or from a local market. It is exactly what you would look for in a fresh meal.
Pictured above is my 3 Egg Omelette that had sun dried tomatoes, caramelized onions, spinach and fresh mozzerella cheese. The meal included herbed potatos two pieces of AMAZING sourdough bread and two strips of bacon. This was the perfect breakfast to pair with their house ground hazelnut coffee and it was simply to die for! I urge you to check it out because this place will not be a secret for long!

Café Picfair Facebook


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